The Top Down Analysis Approach And Make Trades Based On Confluence

Weeks are represented by thin lines extending above and below the body.

However, traders have realized that the same appearance of the candle holder occurs at the same stage in the price trend, regardless of whether they are traded. Confirmation of this formation can be very beneficial, because trends can be reversed or continue, or when rejection of the market reaches its peak, it can reveal clues.

Doji is an example of what traders have in mind when candlesticks show human emotions or market emotions. When asset prices fluctuate in both directions before closing close to the opening price, it is clear that the market is not critical to the real value of assets.

Traders on stock exchanges and other financial markets often use candlesticks with visual aids for a specific price at a particular time.

Sometimes a solid candle can be formed when opening and closing is high, and a thin candle with a smaller solid can form when the price changes and creates a large range during the day.

Candlesticks can provide guidance on price behavior and market climate for a specific resource or index. For example, when the commodity opens and moves, the optimistic candle is formed, tested and then closed again.

Many charting platforms recognize candles and screen stocks to increase the number of investors. But do not rely solely on this technology, but rather wrap it around what these patterns look like.

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